List of no newsgroups, suitable for checkgroups. (also available using only 7-bit characters)

INN control.ctl file

What to put in your control.ctl file for the no-hierarchy:

##  NO newsgroups*:verify-no-hir-control*:verify-no-hir-control*:verify-no-hir-control
Or if you don't use PGP yet (but please upgrade soon!):
##  NO newsgroups*:doit*:doit=newgroup*:doit=rmgroup

Moderators knows about the moderated groups in the no-hierarchy, but if you wish, you can add "no.*" to INN's moderators file.

Signing of control messages

Control messages are now being PGP signed with the no-hir-control key.

TypeBits/KeyIDDateUser ID

Control message archive

We have archived the newgroup and rmgroup messages for the no-hierarchy.

For questions about the no-hierarchy please write to or post to no.usenet.admin.